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China Glass Washing Machine Avatar
China Glass Washing Machine
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Automatic Glass Washing Machine Before Tempering YRFDC600-3 This machine is special designed for tempering line,laminating line,coated glass line,it combined function of three steps washing. Main Features 1,The cleaning area and waterway system are all made of special corrosion-resistant materials, which are durable. 2,The core part is divided into cleaning and drying room. The cleaning and drying effect is excellent. 3,Two pairs of brushes and a pair of dipping rolls are used to ensure the effect of glass cleaning. The floating design of cleaning conveyor is suitable for cleaning 0.3-4 mm thickness glass (or customized processing thickness according to requirements). 4,The transmission system of the cleaning machine adopts intelligent mechanical infinite speed regulation to realize the efficient application of the cleaning machine. 5,The unique drying design ensures the drying effect and reduces energy consumption. 6, Various models for glass processing size 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1300mm, 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm Technical Parameters No.ItemSpecification 1Glass Size40*95mm-350*500mm 2Thickness of Glass0.3-4.0mm 3Dimension5290*1900*1400mm 4Weight2800KG 5Power20KW 6Washing Speed1-4m/min(Adjustable) Main Configuration No.ItemSpecification 1FrameAluminum Profile 2Water TankStainless Steel 3ShieldPVC 4MotorCPG 5PumpTaiwan FengDa 6FanTaiwan ShengHong 7Air-knife(4 PCS)Aluminum 8BrushDupont Nylon Wire 9NozzlePP Electric Element No.ItemSpecification 1Temp. ControllerTaiwan YangMing 2TransducerTaiwan Delta 3RelayTaiwan Taian 4ButtonJapan IDEC Wearing parts list No.Item 1Brush 2Rubber Roller 3Bearing(NSK) 4Filter Element 5Nozzle Additional list No.Item 11 PCS of Debugging Tools 24 PCS of Filter Element Requirement for buyer鈥檚 factory No.ItemSpecification 1Voltage PressureThree-phase 380V 2WaterPure Water Service 鈼?Before sales service 1. Fastly and professional reply to you about your questions for our Yinrui production machine. 2.Expert sales person will provide you professional suggestion to you based on your correct needs for the configurations of the machines 3.Detailed and clearly explain to you when you come to our factory for visiting before contract. 鈼?In sales service One-stop and customize service for you, all processing related machines are available from us 24 Hours online service, 7 Days one week support for you if any technical questions or problems about glass making machine. 鈼?After-sales Service Would provide Engineers overseas installation and trainning. Technical support by phone, email, whatsapp and Skype. Friendly English manual and operation video CD disk. Engineer available to service machinery overseas. You will also get technical support and service all the lifetime. Guarantee you steady supply for the spare parts with the lower prices Contact Pony Wu Dongguan Yinrui Precision Machinery Co., Ltd E-mail: Tel / Wechat: 0086-13826973729 WhatsApp: 0086-18620068987China Glass Washing Machine website:

China Face Mask With Breather Valve factory Avatar
China Face Mask With Breather Valve factory
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Tianjin Yilu Cheng Technology co., Ltd. located in Tianjin binhai new area. Tianjin is one of the four municipalities in China. Tianjin Yilu Cheng Technology co., Ltd. is an industrial and trading enterprise that integrates Research and development, design, production, sales, after-sales. Focus to the industry to meet the needs of consumers for quality products. we have possessed strong marketing and resource integration capabilities. Our company main products include plastic products, environmental products, glass products, daily necessities, household products, office supplies, etc. Our company can customize products according to customers' needs. Since its establishment, the company's products has been exported to all over the world. Tianjin Yilu Cheng Technology co., Ltd. Has high reputation from customers due to its emphasis on quality, management and after-sales service. Our company will achieve greater development with advanced equipment, scientific management, high-quality products and perfect service.China Face Mask With Breather Valve factory website:

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PVC Laryngeal Mask Airway
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Our History YILI MEDICAL is professional manufacturer and supplier of medical supplier over 10 years. With the rapid development of sales and the demand of the expanding market, YiLi medical company has grown from a single product to diversified products. Our main products are including breathing anesthesia product , urinary, and injection infusion, etc. Three family owned factories are running different product lines ensure we are able to offer various products and offer you one-stop service. History of YiLi Medical 鈼?2010 Establish Medical Research and Development Institution 鈼?2011 Establish YiLi Medical Sales Department in Hong Kong 鈼?2012 Establish Nanchang YiLi Medical Instrument Co., Ltd in Nanchang City 鈼?2013 Establish first factory in Jinxian town of Nanchang 鈼?2014 got ISO and CE certificated, the same year dispatched sales team to Mexico and Turkey for marketing survey 鈼?2016 Invest other two family own factories to expand products range and also registered EasyThru Brand 鈼?2017 Sign distributors in Turkey, Korea, Germany 鈼?2018 Lauch New Products. Win tenders in Qatar. 鈼?2019 Start business with hospitals in Jiangxi Province of China 鈼?2020 registrated medical face mask in Germany, sales COVID products Our Factory Yili Medical has three different product lines to supply various products to meet market requirements. All sterilized products are produced under 100000 level cleaning room. Each production process is running under ISO 13485 quality control system. Each post has SOP and inspection SOP to direct daily work. Our Product Sterile Uretheral Catheter ( Latex Foley Catheter, Silicone Foley Catheter, PVC Nelaton Catheter), Insulin Pen Needles, Closed Suction Catheters, Endotracheal Tubes, Disposable Laryngeal Mask, Disposable Circumcision Staplers, Suction Catheters, Drainage Bags, Male External Catheters. Intravenous Catheter, Tracheostomy Tubes, Intubating Styles, Oxygen Mask, Nebulizers, Air Cushion Face Masks, Latex T-Drainage Tubes, Pezzer Latex Catheters, Stomach Tubes, Feeding Tubes, Blood Taking Sets, Retraction Self Destruction Syringes, Infusion Sets, Face Masks, Isolation Gown, Latex Gloves, Blood Lancets, Vaginal Speculum. Product Application All our products are medical disposable products, Urology, Respiratory Anesthesia, Injection, Personal protection. Our Certificate ISO 13485, CE certificates, Free Sales Certificate Production Equipment 100000 clean room, Injection moulding machine, Extruding machine, Printing Machine, Packaging, Sterilization Cabinet Production Market America, Europe like Germany, UK, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, French, Belgium. Asia: Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan. Africa: South Africa, Tanzania, Kenyan. We are looking for distributors all over the world, OEM cooperation is also welcome. Our Service Before placing orders: our products is introduced by pictures, clinic usage video, samples. Details confirmed by official proforma invoice. After order confirmed, your sales representative will confirm packing details, shipping details with you. Update production schedule, send finished goods photos and quality analysis report before shipment. Import custom clearance documents will be offered accordingly. After sales, we will follow to collect market feedback. For exclusive registration, we will offer technical documents support.PVC Laryngeal Mask Airway website:

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cheap Boucle Blazer
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Henan Yijia Garment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and export company, located in Zhengzhou, Henan province, center of China. We have over 20 years of experience. We are specialized in woven garments for men鈥檚 and ladies鈥? such as formal suits, blazer, vest, trousers, and casual jacket, coat, trousers, bermuda, skirt etc.. Our main customers are C&A and OTTO for Europe, and PERRY ELLIS for America. Our factory nearby our city. Each factory has over 120 skilled workers and 4 production lines. All the workers are from local area. The production capacity is stable all through the year. Also our factory has passed BSCI audit. In addition, we have many long-term cooperation factories. Also we have our own washing factory. So we can do special washing effect for casual items, such as enzyme wash, stone wash, garment wash, dip dye, over dyed, denim wash as so on. Our products are mainly exported to European market and enjoy a very good reputation among customers. We have professional and experienced teams. We also have a strong technician team working on the different production process. The strict quality control is taken from the very beginning to production finished. The first-class quality, good price and on- time delivery are our best promise to each customer. You are warmly welcomed to our company. It's our pleasure to build up a good business relationship with customers all over the world. thanks very much! Our Product: Our Factory: Overview Cutting section Accessory warehouse Sewing section Inline inspection Ironing section Packing section Packing conforming area Advanced Equipment Automatic cutting machine Template cutting machine Our Certificate OEKO-TEX100 BSCI Our Location: We are located in the Zhengzhou, henan province, the heart part of China. Henan is a major cradles of Chinese culture. It is a traditional agricultural province and populous province, but also a growing economy and industry province. The labor cost is more cheaper than the coastal cities. So we can give you a very competitive price. Also henan is one of the most important railway hubs in China. Zhengzhou, The China-Europe freight rail service network, a crucial part of the Belt and Road Initiative reaching 14,000 trips by the end of February. The China-Europe freight trains have connected China with 50 cities in 15 European countries. China has signed 171 cooperation agreements with 123 countries and 29 international organizations since the initiative was put forward in Boucle Blazer website: website2:

Tooling Design And Manufacturing factory Avatar
Tooling Design And Manufacturing factory
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Multi Cavity Plastic Mold YIHITECH is the expert for manufacturing Multi cavity plastic mold with high precision equipment. you can use either a single or a multi-cavity plastic mould please contact us, YIHITECH is free to give you best choice according to your project. What is the difference between the single cavity plastic mould and multi cavity plastic mold? The simple summary you can refer to as below. What is the difference between single-cavity and multi-cavity plastic mold. A single-cavity plastic mould produces a just single product per shot, a multi-cavity mould produces more than one products per shot. From the cost point view, multi cavity plastic mold is much more competitive than single cavity plastic mold. For sure, this depends on your project complexity. how are you going to determine your project with a single or a multi-cavity mould, that depends on the number of products you want to produce within a certain timeframe, and the cost budgets. If your product need a cycle time of one minute, you will never be able to produce one million products a year with a single cavity plastic mould by injection molding. After all, there are only 525.600 minutes in a year. On top of that, it takes time to optimally set up the injection moulding process. We also need time to conduct preventative maintenance to the mould just like a car that need to be mainten periodically. If your goal is to produce a million products per year, multi cavity plastic mould is the right direction.All our new molds design with a shot guarantee. It guarantees the minimal shots that tooling operate times of the mould without costs for the customer. A single-cavity mould usually comes with a shot guarantee of 500K or one million shots, depending on the material, product design and tolerances. If you want to produce more products with the same mould, it is advisable to opt for a multi-cavity plastic mold. For example, a four-cavity mould is capable of manufacturing four million products within the shot guarantee life. What's the Difference Between Multi-Cavity Mold And Family Mold? A multi-cavity plastic mold has multiple cavities of the same part,a family mold produces a several different part at one shot. For instance, for an electronic enclosure, you may need a front, back, battery door, and a button. Those could all be molded at once in a family mold. If you have big volume parts, you may consider multi cavity mold that can produce many piece in one shot. How to determine the Number of Cavity in a Mold? Multi-cavity molds produced parts in a much higher efficiency way, it's employed frequently on the occasion when the demands volume is high, the number of the cavities and mold construction depend on both economy and technical factors, quantity of parts to be molded at one cycle, required cycle time, and unit price are related with mold making cost. here below factors that need to be considered to achieve the best result of the project. When we decide the numbers of cavity. Delivery Time The more numbers of cavities, the longer manufacturing time. When the required mold delivery time is short, reducing the mold cavity number with the customer's approval can be used to shorten the mold manufacturing time. Quality and tolerance As the numbers of cavity increase, the tolerance of the molded parts reduce if the same manufacturing process employed, it would also much more difficult to ensure tolerance during molding process, it's also not as easy as single cavity molds while modification required. Part Layout and melt flow To have quality parts, Multi-cavity mold need to have an balanced runner layout, the melt flow much fill all the cavities equivalent under same injection pressure, especially for the raw materials with bad melt flow performance, such as PC, it's easy to have some cavities are fulfilled or even overfilled with flash created while others are not. Injection machine capacity The injection molding machine is part of the cost of injection molded parts, so usually the mold is required to be manufactured at a predetermined injection molding machine, the size of the mold have to be considered during design process, the designed mold not allowed to be too large or too small, the injection molding machine also have certain amount of maximum injection volume, the total volume of all cavities plus runners should not be exceed 80% of it. Pros of a multi-cavity plastic mould 鈥?The desired number of products will be finished sooner because of the shorter lead time per batch. 鈥?You can produce more products with the same mould within the shot guarantee. 鈥?A four-cavity plastic mold has, in most cases, a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than four single-cavity plastic mold. 鈥?More efficient use of the cycle time. 鈥?Major scale benefits for stable processes. 鈥?Lower part price. Cons of a multi-cavity mould 鈥?One multi-cavity mould requires a more substantial investment than one single-cavity mould; 鈥?A longer lead time for the mould manufacturer. 鈥?If there are any problems with one of the cavities, the entire mould will have to be taken out of the machine, which means the other cavities cannot be used either. 鈥?When using an automated process to operate a mould with a large number of cavities (thirty-two or more), each cavity will have to be absolutely perfect. Cases StudiesTooling Design And Manufacturing factory website:

Covid Products factory Avatar
Covid Products factory
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Product name100ml pet plastic spray bottle with pump MaterialPlastic Usemoisturing water, essencial oil, Sunscreen water,Remover,Tonic Place of OriginChina (Mainland) Capacity100ml, (30ml, 50ml, 60ml ,120ml,can be choosed) MOQ1000pcs Description: Brand new & high quality. Mini Size, Compact and lightweight. Results were uniform mist spray. Not Leak, Convenient to Carry. Transparency, light transmission rate of up to 90% of the packaged goods have a good display function. Packing for all kinds of pure dew, flower water or make-up water, a small spray bottle. Specifications: Item: plastic spary bottle Material: plastic Color: clear, brown, black, white, fume black, purple, yellow, blue, pink, green spray bottle. Capacity: 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 100ml, 120ml (Optional)Covid Products factory website:

Alkyl Silane suppliers Avatar
Alkyl Silane suppliers
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Methyltrimethoxysilane Description: Chemical Name:Methyltrimethoxysilane Molecular Formula:C4H12O3Si Molecular Weight:136.2 CAS No.:1185-55-3 Physical Properties Physical Form:Transparent liquid Color:Clear, colorless Specific Gravity at 25/25鈩?0.95 Boiling Point,鈩?102 Refractive Index, nD 25鈩?1.3695-1.3715 Flash Point, Pensky-Martens Closed Cup(1),鈩?11 Applications This product is mainly used as the crosslinking agent of RTV silicone rubber, and glass fiber surface treatment agent and treatment agent for reinforced plastic laminates. So that it can improve the mechanical strength, heat resistance, and moisture resistance of the products. This product is used to make inorganic surfaces hydrophobic. It is also used as a pigment treatment to aid in dispersion. Handling and Storage Be sealed and stored in cool and well ventilated place. Away from fire and water.Alkyl Silane suppliers website:

Wholesale Toilet Paper Avatar
Wholesale Toilet Paper
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Product Name: Single roll toilet paper Material: Pure wood pulp Size: Can be customized size Size of each roll: Customizable Weight: 14-20 GSM or custom weight Quantity Available / Bag Can provide customized quantity Features Of Single Roll Toilet Paper: 1. Soft and comfortable handle, breathable and water absorbing 2. Our single roll toilet paper has a clear cutting line and is easy to use 3. Soft and durable 4. Environmental protection materials, no harmful chemicals, recyclable and degradable 5. High quality, low price Application Areas: Household daily use and personal cleaning care, such as living room, bathroom and kitchen, also suitable for hotels, restaurants and other public places. FAQ: 1.Are you a factory or a trading company? We are a leading manufacturer. 2. Q: Where is your factory? How can I get there? A: our factory is located in Baoding, China. We warmly welcome all customers at home and abroad! 3. Q: Can we do OEM? A: Yes, we can do OEM products. Welcome to any custom size, package and logo. 4. Q: How to obtain samples? A: 1, we are very honored to provide samples for you. We hope that new customers will pay for express delivery and provide you with samples free of charge. 5. Q: How does your factory carry out quality control? A: "quality is the most important thing. Our factory staff have always attached great importance to quality control, we have ISO9001 certificate. 1) All the raw materials we use are environmentally friendly; 2) Skilled workers take care of every detail in the process of handling the product. Production and packaging process.Wholesale Toilet Paper website:

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